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Types of Breast Pumps


There are many models of breast pumps available in the market.
They fall under t
wo main categories:

  1. Manual Breast Pump - operated by hand.
  2. Electric Breast Pump - operated by battery-power or electricity.

Many mothers use both types. A manual breast pump is preferred when one plans to go for short trips.
There are two types of pumping:

  1. Single pumping
  2. Double pumping

In single pumping you can express milk from one breast. Some pumps allow for double pumping. They can express milk from both breasts simultaneously, if you require frequent pumping. Double pumping is more useful than single pumping, because it reduces pumping time by half.

Now, we'll take a close look at the types of breast pumps.

1. Manual breast pumps

These are popular for their simplicity and small size. Many mothers prefer manual pumps to electric pumps. They give a feel of a baby sucking. This is closest to the natural feeling of breast feeding. The mother can manually control the suction. The strength of the hand or arm muscles is used in manual breast pump for single pumping. There are some manual pumps that use the leg movement and foot muscles for double pumping. Many things are considered while designing a manual hand pump.

The major advantage of manual hand pumps are:

  • More Affordable
  • Smaller
  • Lighter etc…
  • Less noisy
  • You can pump on one side while your baby is nursing on the other.

2. Electric breast pumps

The electric pump is very easy to use and gives higher efficiency. If a mother wants to increase the production of breast milk, then she must use the electric or battery-powered pump. It is the natural choice for a mother having twins. An electric pump is very useful when the mother wants to pump both breasts at the same time. An AC adapter powers the pump or a direct outlet is used in conjunction with the plug. Electric breast pumps are used for double pumping and it is designed in such a way that you can use it frequently.

The disadvantages are, that an electric breast pump can be noisier than most of the manual pumps, though some models are surprisingly compact and quiet.

3. Hospital-Grade breast pumps

You can also purchase hospital-grade quality breast pumps. They are most efficient and easy to use. Hospital-grade breast pumps are also available for rent. They are powered by electricity and designed for double pumping. Depending on your budget you can choose to either rent or purchase them.

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