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Choosing a Breast Pump


Many breast pumps are available in the market. Based on one's personal requirement any of the various models can be used. You could choose a hand-operated breast pump, or another that operates on batteries or electricity. Their designs vary too. Some models attach only to one breast, while other models attach to both. A mother must choose the right pump as per her own requirements. Or simply use breast pump rental which is hospital-geaded.

Given below are some general aspects you should keep in mind while selecting a breast pump for yourself.

Time factor: If you are a working mother and have to stay away from your baby every day then it's best you invest in an electric pump. If you are not a working mother though, then you you can buy a simple manual breast pump or you can order a Hospital-Grade breast pump on rental basis.

Weight: If you usually travel a lot daily, then choose a pump, which is lighter in weight and also compact. It may be more expensive than a simple manual hand pump.

Noise: Some models of breast pump makes less noise and some models are noisier. Before you buy any electric pump, test it's noise level.

Characteristics of a good breast pump

Adjustability: The major difficulties one could face are the level of suction. The level of suction should be comfortable. You can achieve a constant level of suction by adjusting the vacuum. Some manual pumps provide adjustable pump-handle positions. This gives better comfort in using the manual pump.

Efficiency: If you're very busy in your work schedule then use a pump that sucks faster. Again this will cost you slightly more than the average manual pump. These types of the pumps suck many more times per minute. The sucking capability of the pump per minute is called cycling time of the pump. Some pumps have a double-pumping capability. Thus the pumps cycling capability also increases. Double pumping allows you to pump both breasts at the same time, hence it takes half of the time as compared to single pumping. Time taken by single pumping is approximately 30 minutes, but with double pumping, it takes an average of 12 minutes. It also boosts milk production.

Ease of use: Always choose a pump that is easy to use, easy to handle, and easy to clean. It may frustrate you if your breast pump is hard to assemble and takes lot of time. Check rechargeable battery packs if you buy an electric pump. It may be less efficient if you buy in that plugs in directly to the socket. If you usually travel a lot then you must choose a pump, which is lighter and more compact. Usually the best buy over a more expensive breast pump rental.

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