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Benefits of Breast Feeding

Benefits of Breast Feeding


Breast Feeding is extremely important for a newborn baby. There is ample scientific evidence and in today's age there remains no doubt about the importance of breast feeding. It provides complete physical as well as emotional development that your baby needs. It is less expensive than formula feeding and also much less stressful to family members. As you start breast feeding, you will find the many benefits of breast feeding. Many breast feeding pumps are available in the market. Human milk is necessary for all newborn babies. It is especially essential for premature and sick babies. It is the duty of Pediatricians to provide complete information on breast feeding your child. He or she should tell you the benefits and the various methods of breast feeding. Below we throw some light on some aspects.

Different aspects of breast feeding

1. Start to breastfeed your baby in the first hour after its birth. The newborn baby should remain with its mother throughout the day except in some special cases. There should be no interference in breast feeding. You can use a breast feeding pump to breastfeed your baby.

2. A mother should breastfeed her baby whenever it shows any sign of hunger. Some signs of hunger are mouthing, rooting and crying. Usually a baby should be breastfed 10 to 12 times a day.

3. No supplements such as water, glucose, formula etc. should be given. Many mothers use these instead of breast feeding. Supplements are rarely needed. They should be given under the indication of a pediatrician. A mother should get some knowledge about the benefits of breast feeding from a pediatrician. Supplements and pacifiers must be avoided.

4. Breast Feeding is ideal food for a newborn baby. It supports growth and provides nutrition the baby. It helps for good physical development. It is good if a mother breastfeeds her child for at least 12 months.

5. Water, formula, juice etc. is not required for a baby in the first 6 months. Some infants are Vitamin D deficient or iron deficient. These infants require some kind of supplements such as fluoride supplements.

Advantages of Breast Feeding

1. Human milk is made up of fats, vitamins, sugars, minerals, proteins, and enzymes. All of these are important for a baby's proper overall development.

2. Also this nutrition is essential for the development of brain of a baby.

3. Breast milk contains antibodies, which is very important for the immune system of baby.

4. It has been researched and found that the IQ of a breastfed baby is higher than the formula-fed baby.

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